Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hop On

Tramps, it's what we call ourselves.

Beat 'em to the punch, right? It's not that we're loose or easy, just addicted to the process and willing to do it just about anytime and anywhere.

Design Tramps.

As is the way of tramps, we've seen inevitable change in the last year with people coming and going.

We're 9 strong now —

An elegant designer and type-purist in Amy.

A swift (of wit and wheel) and brilliant photographer/designer in Mike.

Funky, addicted-to-cool and perennial client favorite, designing principal Derek.

Unadulterated brilliance, savvy and irreverence in caffeinated codeinatrix Leslie.

Ideas, wordsmithing and comedic nerves shared in Tweets in new business development gal Amanda.

Enthusiasm, sarcasm and typographical one-of-a-kindness in the endlessly connected Erin.

Persistence, persuasiveness, and optimism in our flame-tressed production coordinator Trina.

A by-the-books office manager with decades of medical industry experience in Paula the whip-cracker.

Strategy, precision and a tireless pursuit of collective satisfaction in resident concept and song and dance guy Sean.

The writing is on the wall, sure some of it is our own after-hours Sharpie scribbling, but another message is clear:

Time to add a code tramp to the mix.

Not to get all serious and un-Tramp-like, but in the bandana tied to the signature Tramp pack should be:

• Ability to write standards-compliant XHTML and CSS
• Knowledge of PHP and other scripting languages
• Comfortable with object-oriented design
• Knowledge of SQL, including joins, views, and triggers
• Comfortable in a Linux environment
• Good organizational and multi-tasking skills
• Good time management skills

In addition to the requisite creative meetings at D-Bros, regroups at Ridge Street and slinging sarcasm, jokes and other levity in the studio, responsibilities include:

• Maintaining PHP web applications in a mixed environment
• Creating and updating MySQL databases
• Updating the content of existing web sites
• Diagnosing and maintaining workstations and servers
• Corresponding with customers

That all sounds so official. Yes and no. Becoming a Tramp is easy, staying a Tramp is the best kind of hard— equal parts gratifying, challenging and exciting.

PS Any good Tramp should be able to Flash.

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Myshka said...

I think you've just created the first ever employment ad that feels like it's propositioning people. That, and the owner of the company's initials are S and M. Niice. Sending you superstars a Denford hello and hug.