Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Twitterating Leads

Sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due.

Bill Gathen at High Peaks Resort has done an impressive job drumming up interest, business and a vibrant stream of Tweets thanks to his "Elevate Your Rate" promotion on Twitter.

The hook: Bill sends out a Tweet at some point between 8am and 8pm with an Adirondack High Peak and its elevation. The elevation is the rate that High Peaks Resort will be offering for reservations made in the following 46 minutes, a Tweet with Whiteface Mountain's elevation of 4867 would translate to a rate of $48.67.

The promotion caught our eye (and our fancy). We've since taken advantage of the rate in order to have a little downtime in the High Peaks. The promotion really works, with the people in front of us and behind us as we prepared to check in, were all there taking advantage of the Elevate Your Rate deal. A quick tour of Twitter shows lively conversations between about-to-go Twitterers and can't-wait-to-get-up-there Twitterers. Bill has also wrapped in an entertaining Adirondack haiku series and great links to things to do in the Adirondacks via his Twitter account.

Ultimately what he has done, and done well, is engaged an audience making use of tools available to him. Time will tell if the promotion translates to second stays, but right now it's pretty clear people are talking about High Peaks Resort and Placid is getting traffic from the efforts of a savvy guy in a great hat.

Hats off to you, Bill. See you again soon.

-The Tramps


Small Pines said...

Good ol' Bill! The redesign and the improvement it has meant for Main Street is really wonderful. And their TripAdvisor reviews are not too shabby either! So nice to see the old thing turned into a world class resort. Thanks for the post.

Staff said...

My wife and myself have stayed at the High Peaks Resort and we absolutely love it--to be using Twitter to give us better rates is even better. My review of the hotel is also on Tripadvisor.