Monday, June 8, 2009

Night & Day*

It's not love (though we each have that) it's triumph.

It's a message well received
PR Campaign - American Lung Association

It's hitting the mark
Corporate Identity/Logo Design - Davidson Brothers Restaurant & Brewery

It's going big
Outdoor Billboard - The Berkshire Museum

It's the Mile High Club, ok, not really, but c'mon, how often do you get to write that?
Airport Transit- The Sagamore

It's serving it up old school and creating a sensation
Print Ad Campaign - The Sagamore

It's not the same old thinking
Holiday Card or Promotion - Trampoline Design

It's picking a fight on a t-shirt
None of the Above - Alta

It's winning, which we did seven times at the Albany Ad Club's NORI Awards on Friday night. The awards were for work you can see in the links above, in the categories of:

PR Campaign
Corporate Identity/Logo Design
Outdoor Billboard
Airport Transit
Print Ad Campaign
Holiday Card or Promotion
None of the Above <--- Multiple Choice, pick D.

There were seven of us from Trampoline attending the ceremony, one for each award. Despite a few awkward moments (feel free to stop by the office, we prefer dishing in person), we had a great time, but all things being equal, our most enduring high is from a happy client and an engaged audience. Those two things add up to something that carries more weight, and needs no dusting.

Here's to winning, no matter what the arena.

*With special thanks to Cole Porter in honor of tonight's Tony Awards.



Kristy said...

Congratulations! Everyone looks so great!!!

cas:ev said...

Congrats guys. I have contacted for a write up in the PS weeklies. Thinking about including the photo on your blog as well as a shot of at least one of the award-winning designs. I left my contact with Amy. Thanks.