Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Bird in Hand

A while back we had a Thai restaurant on the first floor of our building. Every once in a while when we were back working late we could hear the raucous karaoke shenanigans of the staff after closing.

This morning we found a different kind of singing downstairs, squawking might be more appropriate actually. Just outside the Trampoline Design door was this little guy:

And while we're somewhat experienced with Finch, having visited its natural habitat and spent time with the family, and know a thing or two about the early bird, this one had us ruffled.

After some gentle inter-office debate about the circle of life, survival of the fittest and "Are you sure your Dad really rescued those animals?" Trampy O'Tweet made his way home to the Magees. Poor lil cuss:

If he can survive this:

He can survive anything.

Here's hoping that this particular Trampoline project takes flight.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Cast of #140CharactersOrLess

Some stories virtually tell themselves.

Whether it's through a newspaper Tweet:

An in-house plug:

Or a great new mark:

The ATF rebrand launch was an exclusive-to-Facebook
overnight sensation before its official roll out.

Leading by example, participating in the conversation, and creating a community, ATF has brought itself to life on the social media stage.

This summer they'll bring equity theatre to the Charles R. Wood Theatre
stage as part of the Adirondack Theatre Festival's 15th season.

Your winning ticket.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day- Updated with pictures

The parade went off without a hitch,

well, except for that one very non-weinery dog,

but we're not here to judge, we're here to applaud the Rosas
and the rest of their weiner parade.

The Glens Falls - Queensbury Memorial Day Parade is this Monday at 10am. We'll happily lose ourselves in the small town charm.

Our friend Kevin Rosa from The Sagamore will be a doggone delight with his dachshund parade:

Yes, we’ll see you at the parade…look for the 1st Annual Glens Falls Wiener Walk!...hosted by Woodstock Rosa…we might have close to 40 wieners in the parade…Classic!!...Kevin

After the parade we're liable to walk downtown to Davidsons for food, drink and reliable merriment. We'll talk about the parade and laugh with our friends.

It's not about the next deal or the latest trend, it's about life- the people in it and the way you live it.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family first

We are in our personal lives, as in our professional lives, at varying stages but always with parallels that allow empathy and shared laughter. When we started Trampoline there were not yet 7 of us: The Slayton family of four and a newly married Magee couple with a Briar in the oven. Fast forward five years and we are more; professionally and personally. Our staff has grown to 8 and in total there are 9 Tramplettes.

This past weekend we gathered for Avery's 3rd birthday, with Mike capturing the event on film.

One of the original Trampoline babies, Julia, now a gorgeous young woman, charmed and delighted the youngest Magee.

Amy and Luke mugged photogenically.

Sean and Fin proved themselves consummate hams.

And Paula demonstrated that even off duty, she's on the ball.

We always said that we would put family first, but we never realized just how great, in size and value, our family would become.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Come on Feel the Noris

Yep, we're going to the Albany Ad Club's Nori Awards.

Yeah, we scanned the list from the front—

to the very back.

We know some of you didn't enter.

Others aren't keeping track.


The proof is in the hits;
whether that means visits to this blog
or creative that does the job.

See you June 5th (or not).

Friday, May 15, 2009


We preach risk taking, or at least risk trying. We say things like, "If you don't stand out, where do you stand?"

And yet, call it a throwback to etiquette, some of our most wickedly delicious ideas for self-promotion go unshared. Or even just blog posts. The snark. The cattiness. The restraint we demonstrate.

I mean, we gave you Papyr-annoyance, but we didn't share the post, which sits as a legitimate draft in our cue, that goes a little something like, "Colored spectacle frames do not a creative make."

Then there's the Ultimate Design Rant Showdown that has in the left corner, weighing in at an impossible-to-quantify-level-of-professional-agony: Microsoft Publisher.

And in the right corner, decked out in head-to-toe, "Look, ma, I used the Photo Shop filter myself ," a logo created by a client's wife's stepson's girlfriend.

Cutting through this exceedingly dense exposition, we're done.

No more pussy footing around it. No more staidness for the sake of who-knows-what, or who.

They say we're too young. Fine, I'll take it after getting "Ma'am(ed)" one time too many at Hannaford.

They say Glens Falls is too little. Done, keep the congestion and queues.

They say we're too expensive. Between office-in-my-garage and mahogany and glitz-windowed excess, we're sitting just right.

They'll do it themselves. Have at it.

We're Tramps, whether we're your Tramps or not doesn't change the who or the how of our process.

What it will change is whether or not you have us working for you, or for your competition, instead.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Trampoline Walks the Walk

We talk a big game sometimes, but what might get missed is that we back it up with a genuine commitment to walking the walk. Saturday morning we got up and out before 9am to participate in the Rotary Pure Water Walk. It was great to be able to take part in an event that we have supported through the donation of our design time for several years running.

The trails were muddy, but the noble sound of the bag pipes was pure as we walked the ceremonial first lap;

We each participated at our own pace;

And in the end, we went home happier, healthier and better for having been a part of the event.


Hop to it.

A few years back Derek did a creepy thing for the Berkshire Museum, totally above-board, delight-little-fans-of-creepy-crawly-things kind of creepy. It was incredible.

He's done it again, the only difference is this time I loved watching it develop.

The Berkshire Museum's Frogs Exhibit, coming this June, is sure to have kids leapfrogging over one another to get a peek.

We caught a sneak peek of the banners on a trip to the Berkshires last weekend. Looking forward to seeing the real thing this summer.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fox in sox*, robot on box

Finch Paper recently went through a rebranding initiative, which involved a major change in the design of their packaging, including their new digital line of papers. We were only too happy to devise an operator box. The result was a family of 4 digital paper cartons, and a "junior carton", all in various sizes.

*As much as I might like to make everything pro-Boston, this was in fact just a serendipitous bit of rhyming allowing for congratulating Derek-the-Yankees-fan on a job well done, while also dropping a wee bit of subliminal Red Sox love.


Spring Cleaning

We may call ourselves Tramps, but we're actually quite fastidious when it comes to our surroundings. We'd been meaning to take the time to spruce things up, from paint and reorganization to new light fixtures and furniture, but we've had the good fortune of being too busy. After a major push to wrap up projects for Tribune Media Services, Finch Paper and Glens Falls Hospital, we took a Thursday in April to roll up our sleeves, shut down our computers and get down to business.

Sean and Derek worked the front office, hanging new lights—

Inviting comparisons to Atlas—

Paula and Trina worked the backroom making the painting seem almost fun.

Tom Sawyer anyone?

John Stevens stopped in and as usual,

Laughter ensued.

All in all, it was just another day at Trampoline with everyone* pitching in, finding an element of fun and accomplishing a tremendous amount. Stop in and see for yourself.

*I was actually at Rotary for a great portion of the work day and was unable to contribute much beyond these haloed shots taken with my broken camera. I made the great error in judgement of wearing a wrap dress on the windiest day of the year. I wasn't an SATC fanatic, but these photographs rang true for me. Good times.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Grainy Small Town Delight

Walking back from a meeting with a potential client I made my way around the roundabout in downtown Glens Falls. Despite being overcast it's actually quite lovely outside. Out of nowhere came the sound of bagpipes. Bagpipes and screaming. A few steps down the street the what became clear, I never did figure out the why.

I was still smiling as our city's mayor held the door to the coffee shop for me. It's little things* like random parades of high schoolers and bag pipes that make living and working in Glens Falls pretty wonderful.

*Let's be honest, clean windows and snowflakes make me happy. What can I say, when you work with us you'll discover yourself smiling. A lot.


This guy has a camouflage business card

We're serious.

We are, to put it mildly, an eclectically matched group of individuals. Mike is classic Tramp material, with an appreciation for the absurd and irreverent, an eye for detail, and a mind for staying one step ahead of turkeys ;)

Since joining the team, and heightening the office Sox vs Yanks dynamic and coloring our world with a touch of camo, Mike has traveled seamlessly from on-location photographer to master 11th-hour-tweaker-of-details. He is a great hunter, father and artist, but for all his blending in he manages to stand out.