Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Bird in Hand

A while back we had a Thai restaurant on the first floor of our building. Every once in a while when we were back working late we could hear the raucous karaoke shenanigans of the staff after closing.

This morning we found a different kind of singing downstairs, squawking might be more appropriate actually. Just outside the Trampoline Design door was this little guy:

And while we're somewhat experienced with Finch, having visited its natural habitat and spent time with the family, and know a thing or two about the early bird, this one had us ruffled.

After some gentle inter-office debate about the circle of life, survival of the fittest and "Are you sure your Dad really rescued those animals?" Trampy O'Tweet made his way home to the Magees. Poor lil cuss:

If he can survive this:

He can survive anything.

Here's hoping that this particular Trampoline project takes flight.

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Kristy said...

Hope Trampy O'Tweet makes a full recovery!

trampoline design said...

So, the bird was transplanted to our yard in a lovely little nest we fashioned from twine, burlap and leaves. There was much chirping, from the little one and those living in our yard. He hopped from the nest, disappearing first into our vegetable garden, and later to just beneath the peonies and into the neighbor's yard. They have cats. I am taking the Disney perspective and believing he befriended the cats and found adoptive parents.