Monday, May 11, 2009

Hop to it.

A few years back Derek did a creepy thing for the Berkshire Museum, totally above-board, delight-little-fans-of-creepy-crawly-things kind of creepy. It was incredible.

He's done it again, the only difference is this time I loved watching it develop.

The Berkshire Museum's Frogs Exhibit, coming this June, is sure to have kids leapfrogging over one another to get a peek.

We caught a sneak peek of the banners on a trip to the Berkshires last weekend. Looking forward to seeing the real thing this summer.



Derek said...

Tramps like things that bounce. Or hop. Or with hops in it, like beer.

cas:ev said...

That's a great design. I love frogs. I am actually buying a tree frog or gecko soon. If I get a frog I will name it Les. Just thinking out loud here ...