Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fox in sox*, robot on box

Finch Paper recently went through a rebranding initiative, which involved a major change in the design of their packaging, including their new digital line of papers. We were only too happy to devise an operator box. The result was a family of 4 digital paper cartons, and a "junior carton", all in various sizes.

*As much as I might like to make everything pro-Boston, this was in fact just a serendipitous bit of rhyming allowing for congratulating Derek-the-Yankees-fan on a job well done, while also dropping a wee bit of subliminal Red Sox love.



Derek said...

It should be noted, that there are both Yankee and Red Sox colors in these boxes.

cas:ev said...

Yes, I appreciate that. haha.

Robot is a great touch, really makes me think "digital" and "robots take over the world."