Friday, May 15, 2009


We preach risk taking, or at least risk trying. We say things like, "If you don't stand out, where do you stand?"

And yet, call it a throwback to etiquette, some of our most wickedly delicious ideas for self-promotion go unshared. Or even just blog posts. The snark. The cattiness. The restraint we demonstrate.

I mean, we gave you Papyr-annoyance, but we didn't share the post, which sits as a legitimate draft in our cue, that goes a little something like, "Colored spectacle frames do not a creative make."

Then there's the Ultimate Design Rant Showdown that has in the left corner, weighing in at an impossible-to-quantify-level-of-professional-agony: Microsoft Publisher.

And in the right corner, decked out in head-to-toe, "Look, ma, I used the Photo Shop filter myself ," a logo created by a client's wife's stepson's girlfriend.

Cutting through this exceedingly dense exposition, we're done.

No more pussy footing around it. No more staidness for the sake of who-knows-what, or who.

They say we're too young. Fine, I'll take it after getting "Ma'am(ed)" one time too many at Hannaford.

They say Glens Falls is too little. Done, keep the congestion and queues.

They say we're too expensive. Between office-in-my-garage and mahogany and glitz-windowed excess, we're sitting just right.

They'll do it themselves. Have at it.

We're Tramps, whether we're your Tramps or not doesn't change the who or the how of our process.

What it will change is whether or not you have us working for you, or for your competition, instead.