Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Raeanne Wright Joint

For more quirky feline hijinks, check out Raeanne's pet project:

Toonces TV


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

It's no surprise to any Trampoline regular that Trina has some serious talent.

Also, it's pretty clear that Raeanne has it all figured out, too.

Here's what happens when the two of them combine on a project after work:

Check it out.

Curtain Up

...on another ATF season. Props to Amy on a fantastic start to the summer. Is that a custom typeface you used there?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rae Gets Spiritual

We're pleased to announce a new relationship with the Annenberg Foundation, parent organization of the Explore documentary series. Established in 1958 the Foundation exists to advance the public well-being through improved communication. As the principal means of achieving its goal, the Foundation encourages the development of more effective ways to share ideas and knowledge.

Explore is a signature project of the Annenberg Foundation through which documentaries and short films are created to showcase extraordinary non-profit efforts around the world. While these films are traditionally made as research for potential grant funding by the Foundation, they serve a dual purpose through Explore — to showcase independent voices and work from around the world that advances the values and vision of truly meaningful philanthropy.

Raeanne is our resident film junkie, (she helps her husband make them). She dove into the first DVD packaging project in a series of releases with unfettered enthusiasm. Rae also saw to it that the packaging would be produced on 100% recycled chip board with soy-based inks. And she's a vegetarian. And a good listener. Who practices yoga.

No wonder it looks good.

Way to go, Rae. Enough with the karma already.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Ambitious. Delicious.

Stay tuned for more on The Sagamore's flagship restaurant rebrand.

Nori Nods (11)

We just got the good word that Trampoline has locked up several nominations for the Albany Ad Club's NORI awards. It's nice to have the work recognized by a panel of creatives, and it's with a certain measure of pride that we see ourselves neck-and-neck with thirty-person firms in the Albany market. A little competition never hurt anyone. And speaking of competition, this year's baseball theme will provide fertile ground for the Yanks / Sox rivalry here at 196 Glen. We'll let everyone know how many we manage to hit out of the park.