Thursday, March 27, 2008

Under Construction

Please excuse our mess as Trampoline stretches out across the 2nd story of 196 Glen Street. We've engaged the services of Mr. Anthony Armstrong to build us a wall and knock down another. Anthony made sure we knew he was working hard (he's good, but loud) and will be finished soon (for those of you who have had to converse over the sounds of drilling and hammering).

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blogfodder: Derek in a Hard Hat

On her very first day with the company, Amy accompanied Derek over to the Berkshires to get a hands-on, hard-hats-on view of the Berkshire Museum. Any day you have to wear protective gear at work is a good day, right?

Don't answer that.

The Museum has been closed since late December in the midst of a top-to-bottom renovation that will drastically improve the facilities and make the experience of visiting even more exciting. Included in the project is the creation of the Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation, a permanent place in the museum that explores the creative process and examines what it takes to develop an idea from concept to completion.

The space itself leads by example, allowing visitors to meander through different stories of innovation and make the most of the inspiration provided. Derek and Amy took measurements for the Museum's wayfinding signage, delivered some exhibit graphics and got Sherrill Ingalls, the Museum's marketing head, to sit still long enough to enjoy a little lunch.

The Museum re-opens its doors on Saturday, March 29th, and we're excited to see what comes next!

Check out how innovative the Berkshire Museum can be!

Full-contact culture!

The World in Miniature gets a BIG upgrade.

Sherrill shows Derek how blurry things can be on a construction site.*

* Blurry photography provided by our own sure-handed Amy Stevens. In her defense, she took the photos while riding a railroad hand-car driven by this woman:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Trampoline gets Even Stevens

After 5 years of admiring her work from across town, the team at Trampoline proudly announces the addition of Amy Stevens. Amy jumps on board this week as an Art Director here at 196 Glen and we couldn't be more excited. Her design for the Hyde Collection has always been clean and smart, and has consistently communicated all that the Hyde has to offer. Check back soon for more from Amy!

Below, the cover to the Hyde's Exhibit Catalogue from a few summers back. Told you she was classy...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Circle the ah, Golf Carts

The Headline in last Thrusday's NY Times Metro section: Pressed for Leisure Time and Money, More Americans Are Giving Up Golf.

We know what you golfers out there are thinking: "Sweet. Less idiots on the course, more open tee times, shorter lines at the bar..." 

And yet, as the price of gas climbs and latt├ęs get more expensive, one by one our creature comforts and diversions turn into difficult decisions. We find ourselves asking "Is it worth it? Worth the trip? Worth the expense?" As America tightens its belt we see our clients wondering if their customers are asking the same.

It seems that now, more than ever, is the time to stand out in business. Be different, take risks, make an impression. Leverage your competitive advantage, whatever that might be. Closer location? More history than your competition? Newer technology? Better people? Sing that from the rooftops, and do it right.

Recession (there I said it) or no, people are still hungry for experiences. Hungrier, perhaps. As we've talked here at the office, Derek contends that consumers will spend on the right item. It's up to businesses to work a little harder to make their case with relevant, memorable communications. Standing out is now more important than ever.

It's also as good a time as any to do a little modest experimentation with unexplored markets. Golf courses are turning their efforts to growing the number of female golfers. Currently women make up about 25% of golfers nationwide. That's a minority, or an opportunity, depending on your perspective.