Friday, February 29, 2008

Country Mouse in the City

On a blustery Friday in February, Derek and Sean caught a southbound train for Manhattan. Destination: Spring St. and Sixth Ave., the offices of Red Point Marketing. Together with Red Point, and Innovative Travel Marketing (ITM) Trampoline worked with the Executive Committee at the Sagamore to develop a messaging strategy for the resort. ITM worked up a media plan, Red Point outlined their approach to target news agencies and Trampoline revealed some of the creative developed to date.

We enjoyed our out-of-office foray, and love being as close to New York as we are. Emerging from Penn Station we were assaulted by advertising, no, mugged by messaging—both. Billboards, posters, signage, each more creative than the next made impression after impression upon us. We talked, critiqued, and joked about this crazy business we're in.

At times it seems so superficial other times a well developed image can make a measurable difference and actually affect change.

At the end of the day, it was great to see what's out there, and bring it back home, continue to push one another and make that difference whenever we can.

Derek works the eyebrow.

Sean works the dimple.

Trampoline works through lunch.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Branding Bedlam

You know, they don't create shows about the wackiness of ad agencies and their principals for nothing. We are an admittedly, umm, boisterous and spirited group of creatives. We can certainly be serious when necessary, but there is something inherently delicious in designing an identity for something with "bedlam" in the name. Our work with Jon Katz and Bedlam Farm has been a treat, personally and professionally.

Berkshire Museum Exhibiting Success

From plywood to triumph—

The Berkshire Museum's capital campaign: A Wider Window, originally intended to raise $9 million, created an historic success. Over the first six months $6 million was raised and in the 18 months that followed an additional $5.2 million was collected.

This accomplishment belongs to the Museum, its supporters and to the greater community. We are proud to have played a role in ensuring the legacy of a local treasure. We raise our hats (hardhats no longer necessary) to you and look forward to the exhibits and memories ahead for us all!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Sagamore Salutation

As the City of Glens Falls celebrates its centennial, the Sagamore wanted to say congratulations. Guests have been passing through the City en route to the Green Island resort for, well let's see, over 100 years now. By train, stage coach, automobile, steam ship and tour bus they come. And may that tradition continue.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trampoline Test Pattern

The Trampoline Team has just jumped feet first into the realm of textile design. Admittedly, it's a little different—which is fun, and exciting. SaraBear Baskets has gone global, having been picked up in boutiques from coast to coast, and just signed an order off to Great Britain. 

Melissa Bramlage, founder and president of SaraBear® Company is raising her game by completely redesigning her line—putting her signature style back on the shelves. With creative direction on colors and approaches from Melissa, Amanda and Trina, the following swatches represent the new look for the SaraBear line.

SaraBear Basic

SaraBear Classic

SaraBear Whimsy

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gratuitous Self Promotion

"An ad for your company on your own blog?" you ask. 

"Hell yes." we reply.

Last weekend the 2nd Annual North Country Microbrew Festival took place here in Glens Falls. All our favorites from Placid and Burlington went toe-to-toe with Davidson Bros. Brewing and Dacker, to our tasting delight. Trampoline was a festival sponsor, and proud as ever to help make the small town where we based our business a destination. 

We've got some long winters upstate, here. The only things that make them bearable are the chance to do great work, and the chance to drink great beer.

Here's to both. Cheers!

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Toast to Yost

As the film goes coast-to-coast. 

Mr. John Yost—director, filmmaker, photographer, philosopher and husband to our favorite web wonder Raeanne—has taken his recent work, Every Good Thing to Rust, a feature length film, to the masses. has picked up EGTtR for worldwide distribution. Audiences can purchase a DVD online, or download the film and burn a disk. It currently has top billing on the IndiePix home page, and the folks there are so excited about the work that they're already in talks with John about his next project. He's in New York City right now—good luck buddy.

IndiePix bills the film—and they're better at that sort of thing than this particular blogger— as "...a dark, eerie protrait of social meltdown (that) questions the loyalties of friendship and challenges any illusions of safety and order."

"Quiet, sincere, and beautifully shot, this debut feature from director John W. Yost is a stirring and meditative outlook on the degeneration of American Culture"

John premiered the film here at the Trampoline Design offices back in October of 2007. We're proud to have played just a small part in the launch of a truly independent effort.

It's nice to see good people work hard for something they care about, and be rewarded. Speaking of hard work (and rewards) Raeanne labored over the film's website: and we're hoping she gets her due with a 2008 Nori Award in June.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Photos By Jon Katz

Nearly a year ago, New York Times best-selling author Jon Katz (A Dog Year, The Dogs of Bedlam Farm, A Good Dog) approached Trampoline Design with a request for a logo for his home, Bedlam Farm. The creation of the Bedlam Farm brand, which appears throughout Katz's personal Web site,, was the beginning of a friendship that spanned several fun events and projects: in-house photo shoots, trips to the farm with families in tow, and a poster series for Art Harvest last October.

The newest project? A completely dynamic photography Web site to serve as an ever-changing gallery of Katz's photos. Having just sparked an interest in photography last year, and having a photo blog and journal on his personal site that were being overrun by photographs, Jon needed a place to manage and contain his growing collection of images. is just that. Clean and simple in design, the site has an extensive administrative back-end that allows Jon, himself, to add, modify, and rearrange galleries, photos, titles and captions. The entire contents of the site, therefore, is continually growing and changing — just like the photographer himself.