Friday, February 29, 2008

Country Mouse in the City

On a blustery Friday in February, Derek and Sean caught a southbound train for Manhattan. Destination: Spring St. and Sixth Ave., the offices of Red Point Marketing. Together with Red Point, and Innovative Travel Marketing (ITM) Trampoline worked with the Executive Committee at the Sagamore to develop a messaging strategy for the resort. ITM worked up a media plan, Red Point outlined their approach to target news agencies and Trampoline revealed some of the creative developed to date.

We enjoyed our out-of-office foray, and love being as close to New York as we are. Emerging from Penn Station we were assaulted by advertising, no, mugged by messaging—both. Billboards, posters, signage, each more creative than the next made impression after impression upon us. We talked, critiqued, and joked about this crazy business we're in.

At times it seems so superficial other times a well developed image can make a measurable difference and actually affect change.

At the end of the day, it was great to see what's out there, and bring it back home, continue to push one another and make that difference whenever we can.

Derek works the eyebrow.

Sean works the dimple.

Trampoline works through lunch.

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JETHRO said...

derek slayton? did you go to Keene State?