Monday, February 4, 2008

Photos By Jon Katz

Nearly a year ago, New York Times best-selling author Jon Katz (A Dog Year, The Dogs of Bedlam Farm, A Good Dog) approached Trampoline Design with a request for a logo for his home, Bedlam Farm. The creation of the Bedlam Farm brand, which appears throughout Katz's personal Web site,, was the beginning of a friendship that spanned several fun events and projects: in-house photo shoots, trips to the farm with families in tow, and a poster series for Art Harvest last October.

The newest project? A completely dynamic photography Web site to serve as an ever-changing gallery of Katz's photos. Having just sparked an interest in photography last year, and having a photo blog and journal on his personal site that were being overrun by photographs, Jon needed a place to manage and contain his growing collection of images. is just that. Clean and simple in design, the site has an extensive administrative back-end that allows Jon, himself, to add, modify, and rearrange galleries, photos, titles and captions. The entire contents of the site, therefore, is continually growing and changing — just like the photographer himself.

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