Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Art Harvest: Four Friends Share Their Art

If you're in upstate New York next weekend, and you're looking for something to do, make your way out to Hebron in Washington County for a new event celebrating creativity and artistry: Art Harvest. Held at Gardenworks on Route 30, the gathering—which takes place over the weekend—focuses on the hidden talents of four individuals:

Jon Katz is known as a New York Times bestselling author. He also takes spectacular protographs that will be seen in the exhibit titled: Pictures From Bedlam.

Anthony Armstrong has been a handyman for as long as anyone can remember. It wasn't until just recently that he discovered and developed a talent for working with concrete. No longer Mr. Fix-It, Anthony spends his time designing, pouring and finishing functional works of art: countertops, conference tables and unique embellishments for the home. Anthony's exhibit: My Life in Concrete explores his journey to becoming an artisan.

Maria Heinrich refurbishes historic homes with her husband Bill. But quietly, Maria has been creating fiber art, building a body of work. Her exhibit: Thread By Thread will show her painstaking creativity for the first time ever.

Mary Kellogg is known for, well, for being a nice old lady. For years, Mary has been writing poems. For the most part, she's kept them to herself—but in her exhibit, Musings From the Berry Patch she shares her words with us all.


Derek said...

We should show the series- these are really good.
Did Raeanne really do these?? :)

ADK_Chamber said...

Another example of why living in this region is such a culturally gratifying experience.

AmandaD said...

You forgot to mention the spectacular setting, no sterile, hoighty toity gallery, this exhibit will be in a barn, soaring ceilings with sunilght piercing through old beams and the natural beauty so vital in Washington County.

Amanda said...

And, if you're lucky, you just moght get a little bit of Izzy lovin'.

Anonymous said...

Oh... and don't forget you'll get to meet Lenore, Mr. Katz's new so-adorable-you-want-to-pinch-her-cheeks black lab puppy!