Friday, October 26, 2007

giga WHAT?

So, it's been three months now since I was fortunate to join the Trampoline Design team as in-house Web Designer. While the principals here, Sean and Derek, have openly provided a crash-course in print design, explaining CMYK, letting me tag along at press checks, and giving me ample Illustrator training, today I have finally surmounted my duties as a Web designer: I've been granted access to the Bounce Blog.

And it seems befitting to hack into the BOUNCE to announce the launching of Trampoline's latest digital venture: GigaBounce.

What is GigaBounce? It's the missing piece of Trampoline's web presence, our online playground, web-experiment springboard, and hosting hub. It's the nucleus of our cyber-services.

In English, please?

Now, in addition to offering complete Web design services, Flash design and development, PHP MySQL database programming, and custom content management tools, we ALSO can offer competitive Web site hosting. Which means, for clients, a more streamlined, organized, and hassle-free service. In other words, if you choose, we can do ALL of the leg-work for you. Which means I get to have more fun creating your Web site, so everyone wins!

And if that's not enough, the acquisition of hosting space means we have a new space on the world-wide-web for publishing content, and that place deserves a name...and a brand...

... and a purpose. Keep checking GigaBounce for our latest distractions, web experiments, and other design oddities. Come here for news, visit our business site for the facts, and for fun... GigaBounce.

- Raeanne


Derek said...

Maybe we can turn "Giga'd" into a verb, much like getting "Google'd".
Sweet logo eyecandeee.

Kristy said...

This is in no way a reference to this post but seriously... October 26 is like so last year in the blogosphere.

trampoline design said...

Whatever. Newbie.