Thursday, October 4, 2007

Won't Quit Our Day Job.


Maury Thompson, a columnist at the Post Star Newspaper, is a nice guy. Convincing, too, as he talked us into performing in the first-of-its-kind Media Night. It's a cabaret of sorts, with newspaper men, graphic designers, account execs writers and creatives trading their various communication implements for instruments. The proceeds from the evening benefit Feet First, a program that puts disadvantaged kids in shoes.

Seemed like a good reason to dust off the guitar and warm up the ol' vocal chords. But that was back in July, when Maury asked.

Now the show is less than two weeks away. A recent conversation with our crosstown counterparts at Behan Communications revealed that half of their staff members are apparently full of musical talent—with the time and inclination to rehearse. And, Mark Behan is scheduled to be the master of ceremonies. Ray Agnew, #1 over at the Hospital Foundation, is also performing. He's, like, a folk rock icon around here.

No pressure.

Stop by the Media Night, contribute to a worthy cause, hear what promises to be spectacular live music, and find out what we come up with. Maury wants four numbers out of us. Four!



Derek said...

Eat your heart out Modern Dog!

Amanda said...

Hmm, maybe Rick Davidson was on to something with his Tambourine idea...

ADK_Chamber said...

Should we add a category for Musical Talent and list Trampoline there as well?