Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bond in a Box

Secret Agents aren't the only people who need to go undercover, nursing moms are another group requiring a bit of extra stealth. Baby Bond is the latest product from Slurp and Burp, offering nursing moms and easy, washable, wearable, stuffable product for use on-the-go.

Creating the mark and packaging was a labor of love and the end result is proof positive.

The relationship with the Bell Harbor, NY company came from a successful and longing running partnership with SaraBear Company on everything from textiles to packaging and projects with KaBoost, another juvenile product company.

We'd be lying if we didn't say that we get a kick out of seeing BBQ sauce next to beer next to diaper caddies next to collateral for a lake saving organization. The different personalities and challenges they present are what make them so fun to work on.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Call it the 13 Year Itch

The Davidson Brothers Brewing Co. decided that after nearly thirteen years in business it was time to make their image as fresh as their ales. Rick and John Davidson wanted to position the company for success in the ever-changing distribution market. A brand overhaul began to help regional favorites like IPA, Irish Red and Brown Ale compete with the big boys in the beer world.

Their new look has also allowed the restaurant to participate in the emerging force of downtown Glens Falls, with merchants building a following through delightful whimsical window displays, sidewalk sales and a growing selection of choices.

T-shirts to tap handles, a new website to a Facebook page 800 fans strong, coasters to tabletops, the integration of the new mark has sparked an engagement, as the line between consumer and company has blurred. Each beer and each meal now comes with a shared sense of triumph, 13 years and going strong, the rewards of and for a community.

Db Merch is available online and at the Brewpub in downtown Glens Falls.

Look for coasters at a bar top near you (coming soon).

Ask your bartender to pour you a D.Bros. IPA. If he doesn't have it on tap, ask him why the hell not?!

Visit the brewpub online at davidsonbrothers.com

Become a fan on Facebook. Over 800 people have in the space of a month.

There's no substitute for stopping by the Brewpub (on Exchange St. Plaza in Downtown Glens Falls) for a pint, and a cup of the Stout + Cheddar Soup.

Heck, they even look good in frosting.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little bit of lake

We all love the Adirondacks, some of us striking out on hiking excursions or gnarly bike rides, others of us hunting game and adventure. One area we all seem to agree on is the lake. Massive, magnificent and steeped in undiscovered delight, there isn't a Tramp among us who wouldn't jump at the chance to send some time on the lake.

When Peter Bauer, Executive Director of the Fund for Lake George, asked us if a ride on the lake might be valuable to our process as we produce illustrations for a project, the answer was clear: Yes!

Dome Island off the port side.

Setting up a shot on the western shore.

Shooting in Northwest Bay.

Heading south, with Tongue Mountain behind us.

Watching the team of eight divers remove the Eurasian Water Milfoil beds in Basin Bay.

Charting a course for protecting the lake.


Friday, October 2, 2009

A Treat

The Adirondack Theatre Festival is turning 16. They may not be naive, but we can honestly say that we're sweet on them. The theme for this year's Winter Benefit is: Sweet! As only the Adirondack Theatre Festival can, an evening of spectacle and delight will be fueled by "sweet" songs to herald the 16th year of incredible theatre in the Adirondacks.

It seemed fitting that the Tramp who most often exclaims, "Sweet," would be the source of the mark for the ATF Winter Benefit.

Can't wait to see what they'll do two years from now for their 18th!