Friday, October 2, 2009

A Treat

The Adirondack Theatre Festival is turning 16. They may not be naive, but we can honestly say that we're sweet on them. The theme for this year's Winter Benefit is: Sweet! As only the Adirondack Theatre Festival can, an evening of spectacle and delight will be fueled by "sweet" songs to herald the 16th year of incredible theatre in the Adirondacks.

It seemed fitting that the Tramp who most often exclaims, "Sweet," would be the source of the mark for the ATF Winter Benefit.

Can't wait to see what they'll do two years from now for their 18th!


1 comment:

Derek said...

The colors remind me of York Beach's own "Goldenrod Kisses" salt water taffee. Mmmmm, taffee.