Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little bit of lake

We all love the Adirondacks, some of us striking out on hiking excursions or gnarly bike rides, others of us hunting game and adventure. One area we all seem to agree on is the lake. Massive, magnificent and steeped in undiscovered delight, there isn't a Tramp among us who wouldn't jump at the chance to send some time on the lake.

When Peter Bauer, Executive Director of the Fund for Lake George, asked us if a ride on the lake might be valuable to our process as we produce illustrations for a project, the answer was clear: Yes!

Dome Island off the port side.

Setting up a shot on the western shore.

Shooting in Northwest Bay.

Heading south, with Tongue Mountain behind us.

Watching the team of eight divers remove the Eurasian Water Milfoil beds in Basin Bay.

Charting a course for protecting the lake.



Derek said...

Hey! When did you guys go out on a boat?? Luckeeeeee.

trampoline design said...

Boats, helicopters...it's like a Bond movie.