Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bond in a Box

Secret Agents aren't the only people who need to go undercover, nursing moms are another group requiring a bit of extra stealth. Baby Bond is the latest product from Slurp and Burp, offering nursing moms and easy, washable, wearable, stuffable product for use on-the-go.

Creating the mark and packaging was a labor of love and the end result is proof positive.

The relationship with the Bell Harbor, NY company came from a successful and longing running partnership with SaraBear Company on everything from textiles to packaging and projects with KaBoost, another juvenile product company.

We'd be lying if we didn't say that we get a kick out of seeing BBQ sauce next to beer next to diaper caddies next to collateral for a lake saving organization. The different personalities and challenges they present are what make them so fun to work on.



Derek said...

A true team effort from the ground up. Nice design, Amy!

Millie Rossman Kidd said...

nice--love the Bb monogram.