Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trampoline Test Pattern

The Trampoline Team has just jumped feet first into the realm of textile design. Admittedly, it's a little different—which is fun, and exciting. SaraBear Baskets has gone global, having been picked up in boutiques from coast to coast, and just signed an order off to Great Britain. 

Melissa Bramlage, founder and president of SaraBear® Company is raising her game by completely redesigning her line—putting her signature style back on the shelves. With creative direction on colors and approaches from Melissa, Amanda and Trina, the following swatches represent the new look for the SaraBear line.

SaraBear Basic

SaraBear Classic

SaraBear Whimsy


Kristy said...

This looks like it was a lot of fun! So jealous!

tysdaddy said...


At first glance, I thought these were scrapbook pattern papers or card stock. My wife woulda picked them up in a heartbeat . . .

Thanks for the visit.