Friday, February 8, 2008

A Toast to Yost

As the film goes coast-to-coast. 

Mr. John Yost—director, filmmaker, photographer, philosopher and husband to our favorite web wonder Raeanne—has taken his recent work, Every Good Thing to Rust, a feature length film, to the masses. has picked up EGTtR for worldwide distribution. Audiences can purchase a DVD online, or download the film and burn a disk. It currently has top billing on the IndiePix home page, and the folks there are so excited about the work that they're already in talks with John about his next project. He's in New York City right now—good luck buddy.

IndiePix bills the film—and they're better at that sort of thing than this particular blogger— as "...a dark, eerie protrait of social meltdown (that) questions the loyalties of friendship and challenges any illusions of safety and order."

"Quiet, sincere, and beautifully shot, this debut feature from director John W. Yost is a stirring and meditative outlook on the degeneration of American Culture"

John premiered the film here at the Trampoline Design offices back in October of 2007. We're proud to have played just a small part in the launch of a truly independent effort.

It's nice to see good people work hard for something they care about, and be rewarded. Speaking of hard work (and rewards) Raeanne labored over the film's website: and we're hoping she gets her due with a 2008 Nori Award in June.

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Amanda said...

And so, for the indie-hot tamale, we shall celebrate over dinner south of the Hudson border, no?