Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some Assembly Required

Sometimes it's nice to get away from your desk. Friday, Derek and Sean headed for the Berkshire Museum to install the latest round of support materials for their ongoing capital campaign A Wider Window. It was good, hard work—after enough time in our office at 196 Glen, it was great to get our hands dirty and wield screwguns and saws instead of exactos and latt├ęs. Six hours, several banners, case panels, interpretive signs and a system of stenciled icons later, we were bound for home. Weary from the day, but proud of the work—both physical and creative. We were grateful for the three day weekend to recover, and grateful to have a client like the Berkshire Museum that allows us to have fun with design.

On your left: great creative.

Derek is not afraid of heights.

Sean puts the screws to the final interpretive panel.

Three panels or one?

Stenciled icons make any project better.

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