Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What Happens in Vegas...

Goes to Market.

This summer, we wrote about the design of a packaging project for a local client, SaraBear Baskets. Amanda's parent-friendly prose combined with Derek's shelf-stealing design made for one gorgeous box. At least we thought so. The proof would be when an advanced shipment of 25 packages arrived from China (where they were printed) so that our client could take them with her to display at a trade show in Las Vegas.

Fingers crossed.

We got an email from Sin City this afternoon:

" Dear Derek, Just have to share with you…we’re at the trade show, and you should know that the packaging is completely selling this product. Buyers are ga-ga for the boxes. The larger international distributors are making deals, and it’s the boxes that are truly working to make up their minds. Thought you’d like to know this cool tidbit of info." —Melissa

Here's to a job well done, baby.