Friday, September 21, 2007

Derek: The Design King

Nice invite dude. Anytime you can work a crown into the design—you win!

This particular request for attendance went out to Hedge Fund Managers, Self Made Millionaires and Philanthropically Inclined Partiers in Manhattan. The benefit will take place on the 5th Floor of Saks 5th Avenue sometime in October (no we're not saying when). The proceeds from the event—featuring an alice + olivia designer showcase, custom shirt fittings, chocolate tastings, and Bobbi Brown consultations—will go to benefit the Double H Ranch in Luzerne, a longtime Trampoline client.

We were told that this was an easy sell, since this particular circle of wealthy twenty-and-thirtysomethings are looking for ways to help their favorite Hole-In-The-Wall camp upstate. Which was great for us to hear, as the ranch is a marvelous place.


Amanda said...

Now I've got the Rain King stuck in my head, not a bad thing, mind you.

Derek said...

Not Queen. Not Prince. Not Duke.
That's, uh, the lion from the Wizard of Oz, btw.
Thanks for the compliments. I like Counting Crows so I'll take it where I can.
Hey, we need to head to NYC.