Friday, September 21, 2007


Not to sound like the braggart three barstools away who annoys the hell out of you, but...

We know a film maker.

Yep, mmm-hmm.

No, serious. He's a friend.

He's actually married to a woman that works here.

How cool is that? John Yost, the RIT educated (go Tigers) film phenom is putting the finishing touches on a feature length movie.

EVERY GOOD THING TO RUST is, as described on the website: a dark, eerie portrait of social meltdown, that questions the loyalties of friendship and challenges any illusions of safety and order.

Sean was lucky enough to snag a DVD for a director's-cut preview in late summer and thinks John is one talented guy.

He's also lucky—John married a true designer. Raeanne has put a beautiful face on the film, and launched a simple, stark website. This project was in the works long before she came to Trampoline, and we can't take credit for any of the work, but we certainly have an appreciation for the kind of creativity and drive needed to pull off a project like this one.

That said, we're pleased to host the film's premiere in the unfinished, exposed-brick, so-raw-it's-cool space behind our office here at 196 Glen.


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Can't wait for the premier! Nice site Rae. Best of luck John.