Friday, September 21, 2007

What's your score?

Earlier this summer, we met Wayne Cook. The man was one of those walking heart attacks that are the tragic heros of cautionary tales told in cardiology practices nationwide. On a lark, he took advantage of a coronary artery calcium scoring promotion offered by the Saratoga Imaging Center (a Trampoline client). We marketed the heart scans as part of a Valentine's Day promotion, generating education about the risks, and interest in the procedure. Actual scans, too.

Wayne's results were, um, shocking. Our buddy Wayne posted the highest score the Imaging Center had ever recorded.

Coronary artery calcium scanning is like golf: low score wins.

Wayne was at risk and he knew it. He booked an appointment with his Cardiologist to review the results—who, in turn, scheduled a cardiac catheterization. Seven minutes into the procedure, Wayne said the doctor looked worried.

"If you ever see your cardiologist go pale, hold on. You're in for a wild ride." Wayne explained.

He stayed on the same gurney and got wheeled up to the OR. His doctor kept pace alongside and notified his collegues that they had an emergency, and bluntly explained to Wayne that the principal side effect of this next procdure was, well, death. Later, after his same-day bypass surgery, his doc told him what he had seen that made the color drain from his cheeks.

Three of Wayne's coronary arteries had been 100% blocked. The fourth was nearly 80% plugged.

Wayne's life had been saved by a surgery, a team of dedicated medical professionals, and 10 minutes in a CT scanner.

Do you know your score?


Amanda said...

He deserves an honorary something or other for the galloping line.

Derek said...

Never mind the look (which is fantastical) but this is pure polished message. This is one meaningful ad. Nice galloping S.