Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Pity the Faux

Back in 2005, we won a NORI Award for outstanding packaging. The project was done for a friend of ours—an artist, craftsman and free spirit named Erin Lonergan. She works in plaster, and takes great pride in the medium, its history and stature. It might sound silly, but the entire process of recreating an interior with venetian plaster is quite romantic. And the results are stunning. These are not faux finishes, here, people. This is the real deal. Without the horse hair.

We designed materials for Erin's business, Lonergan Designs, LLC. A mark and message: Texture Your Life, were developed and used on materials and collateral that doubled as a label for the container Erin uses to send out samples to clients.

Most recently, the Lonergan Designs logo is found at the top of Erin's website, which will be launching (it's up on the Trampoline test-server: gigabounce.com) before September is through. A recent Lonergan Designs interior will be gracing the pages of Better Homes & Gardens, and quite possibly the cover of the same, in an upcoming edition.


AmandaD said...

It ain't no secret, Erin rocks. Let's hope she remember the Tramps when she hits the big time ;)

Derek said...

One of the many cool sites to be launched in '07. Yes, Erin, remember the little people. We're voting for you in November. At least, we should be.
-Mr. T