Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Budding Exhibit

This spring, the Berkshire Museum plays host to a different type of artist: the Floral Arranger. These skilled artisans from floral shops throughout the Berkshires will festoon the Museum with clusters, bouquets and garlands of beautiful flowers. Below is the mark for the event, designed by Raeanne—who knows a good arrangement when she sees one.


Derek said...

I couldn't have tapped into my feminine side more than this... trey elegánte Rae.

AmandaD said...

Hmm, perhaps this is the universe's way of suggesting the men of Trampoline buy their supportive wives some flowers...

Amanda said... that some sort of veiled Phish reference?
Perhaps you meant très for a bit of French flair?
Or tray for the way she dished that up on a platter?