Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Trampoline gets Even Stevens

After 5 years of admiring her work from across town, the team at Trampoline proudly announces the addition of Amy Stevens. Amy jumps on board this week as an Art Director here at 196 Glen and we couldn't be more excited. Her design for the Hyde Collection has always been clean and smart, and has consistently communicated all that the Hyde has to offer. Check back soon for more from Amy!

Below, the cover to the Hyde's Exhibit Catalogue from a few summers back. Told you she was classy...


Amy said...

I'm blushing! and bouncing:)

See you all Thursday!

Andrea said...

Congratulations, Trampoline! You're in luck -- Amy is fun, smart, talented, compassionate, creative, and stylish (and I'm not just saying this because she's been my best friend for over 10 years...). I can't wait to see her shine in her new job.

Oh, and she also makes delicious homemade pizza. I've been known to travel halfway across the country for it.

Here's to great success in the coming years!

Sonya Just said...

I have to agree that you are unequivocally,150% correct about this one.
Amy is equally amazing as she is talented,as she is FABULOUS!
This is the thing about Amy, she has in fact worked very hard to get where she is and has payed her dues. Having said that, I have to point out that she is where she is today, not just because of what she has done but even more so because of who she is! Congratulations Amy!

trampoline design said...


Amanda said...

My fingers have been hovering over the keys for some time now...I am never without words!

I'll leave it at this, Amy, we are all so happy to have you on board!

PS When are you making pizza for the office?

Amy said...

I swear I didn't pay them to say these things!

I am humbled.

Anonymous said...

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