Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning

We may call ourselves Tramps, but we're actually quite fastidious when it comes to our surroundings. We'd been meaning to take the time to spruce things up, from paint and reorganization to new light fixtures and furniture, but we've had the good fortune of being too busy. After a major push to wrap up projects for Tribune Media Services, Finch Paper and Glens Falls Hospital, we took a Thursday in April to roll up our sleeves, shut down our computers and get down to business.

Sean and Derek worked the front office, hanging new lights—

Inviting comparisons to Atlas—

Paula and Trina worked the backroom making the painting seem almost fun.

Tom Sawyer anyone?

John Stevens stopped in and as usual,

Laughter ensued.

All in all, it was just another day at Trampoline with everyone* pitching in, finding an element of fun and accomplishing a tremendous amount. Stop in and see for yourself.

*I was actually at Rotary for a great portion of the work day and was unable to contribute much beyond these haloed shots taken with my broken camera. I made the great error in judgement of wearing a wrap dress on the windiest day of the year. I wasn't an SATC fanatic, but these photographs rang true for me. Good times.


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