Monday, April 27, 2009

Finch Casa Collateral

Cooking can be a great metaphor, whether it's to illustrate the impact of ingredients, the value in presentation, or simply the motivation behind an action. When we talk about pairing Amy Stevens with Finch Paper, the results are elegant, rich and fulfilling. She is a chef, the computer her kitchen and Finch Casa* opaque her freshest ingredient.

Amy recently helmed the design of the Finch Casa Opaque print materials. The goal was to create a simple product brochure highlighting the environmental attributes of this particular grade of paper, as well as announcing the new extended line/product features as a "new class of house sheets."

Beyond that it needed to demonstrate how well the paper prints. Finlay, the printer of this piece, loves the paper as it gives their customers another option that works just as well as the higher more expensive grades. They have termed it "efficient." Here at Trampoline we're planning on using it for the upcoming annual report of a local conservation organization.

The theme was to play on the word "casa" and use images that tied it all together, "relax, it's beautiful, colorful, welcoming". The vineyard theme also came from the "environmentally friendly" aspect as she requested we show "green" imagery. The other goal was to educate printers about recycled logos, the benefits of sustainable forestry, and the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain-of-Custody.

*It might go without saying some place, but not here, "Casa" means "house." And "Estoy encantada a conocerte" means "I am delighted to meet you," which I'll be if you'd so kind as to introduce yourself by way of a comment here.


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Derek said...

Mi Casa es su Casa. Nice job!