Thursday, April 16, 2009

Performance Anxiety

It's time, again, for the 2nd Somewhat Annual, Occasional, Every-Now-And-Then Media Night Coffee House. As professional communicators you'd think we could reign in that title a little, huh? Despite repeated requests that we not quit our day jobs, we've been asked to sing, again, in a cabaret-meets-open-mic-night affair to benefit Feet First, a non profit, charitable organization that keeps good shoes on kids who need them.

Stop by, it promises to be, um, entertaining.

Our band numbers have dwindled. The lead guitarist left (E! True Hollywood Story Episode #345) and Derek, the tambourine man, is south of the Mason/Dixon line, and therefore unavailable for rehearsal. We're reduced to a neat little duet, which really means there are just less people to blame when something goes wrong.

Stop by at 6 p.m. April 18 in the fellowship hall of the church at the corner of Bay and Washington streets in downtown Glens Falls. Wordsmiths, designers and video masterminds who devote their leisure time to music, poetry or otherwise general wisecracking will be performing.

A tentative list of participants includes: Maury Thompson, staff writer for The Post-Star; Ray Agnew, vice president Glens Falls Hospital; the Trampoline Design house band; Glen Carlsen and Frieda Toth, freelance writers; Mik Bondy & friends from Behan Communications; Jessie Jackson, co-owner of WNCE TV8; The Barrel Brothers, featuring John Coleman, writer for Post-Star niche publications.

Hope to see you there!

Trina & the Tramp



cas:ev said...

Regret to inform that The Barrehouse Brothers will be Barrelhouse "Brother" as my brother Ted had prior engagments. However, I recruited a drummer to add to my guitar so I hope to hold it down without him. See you all there!

Kristy said...

Is Derek the tambourine man or the trampoline man?

Have fun!

cas:ev said...

Haha. I wish it was Girard. No it's a recent aquaintance of mine, Jamie Harr. We met at open mic Tuesday and are practicing a little bit prior to the event. I can't wait to hear Maury!

Amanda said...

You were all wonderful. I'll post about it one day, because lord knows I won't sing about it.

Derek said...

You guys sounded great. Sorry I missed it. Thanks for representin'!