Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Social Gathering

Amanda spent Wednesday evening as the featured speaker for a meeting of the ARCC's young professional's organization. Having managed more than one blog for the past five years, she tallies about 500 visitors daily. Her use of blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn—combined with her firm handshake and in-person presence—drew a crowd of about 75 attendees. They listened to ideas on how to make social media work for their businesses, and talked about how to reach a new audience online.

Several in the audience asked us to post the data included in the presentation, and those folks will find some of the graphics below in this entry. Thanks to the Chamber for asking us to speak, to Mike for the photos, and to Derek for his monitor-lugging muscle.

Todd Shimkus introduces Amanda to the Young Professional's Organization.

Amanda stresses the fact that social media users can spot the same, tired old sales pitch from a mile away. And can avoid it with a simple click.


Derek said...

Papyrus is not used in Social Media.
Let's just be clear on that.

Myshka said...

Your wife rocks.

cas:ev said...

The seminar was great guys, nice work presenting it in true Trampoline style with the video and trifold. Good stuff. I'm also glad to hear your house band will be at the Feet First benefit next weekend. I will be playing a few numbers with my brother (together we form "The Barrelhouse Brothers") and rumor has it there will a group jam at the end. I put the press release on my blog, a few posts back. Looking forward to it!