Monday, March 2, 2009

Singular Purpose X2

We all have to wear different hats from time to time. Typically as conditions change, presto chango, you switch seamlessly from one to the next. Sometimes it's not a hat, or a person...confusing?

Let's try this again. Double H Hole in the Woods Ranch was one of our first clients. We recently wrapped up a project for them and it was necessary to ensure that the piece could do double duty: an annual report for two years.

The purpose of the annual report was the same as it has always been: supporting the mission of Double H by illustrating the work that had been done and demonstrating the kind of inspirational work that elicits an emotion. The end result is that those who view the book will feel compelled to give, with volunteer time as precious as financial donation.

Working closely with Linda Smith, we developed a system that would work on its own.

Two covers, two stories and at the heart of both, the artwork of the beautiful souls who find a limitless world at the ranch.

This project was a pleasure, sharing our Business Manager, Paula Slayton, also a registered nurse, for a week at the ranch this summer will be an honor.

Thank you, Double H, for allowing us to be a part of your enduring gift to the people of this community and the campers you welcome year after year.


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Paula said...

thanks Amanda...a great entry!