Sunday, March 1, 2009

Especially Beautiful Philanthropy

As March arrives and dirt-tinged snow blankets everything, as forecasters call for more snow, it's easy to get the late winter doldrums. Sometimes looking at something pretty is all you need to forget the slushy streets and grey skies.

Take a load off and just daydream for a minute, if you feel so inclined visit the Annenberg Foundation, the client that commissioned these postcards and packaging, and be swept away by the inspiration of an organization making a difference.

Henna tattoos in India.

Croker Bay and the Zodiac.

The Wolong Panda Preserve.

Greenland's Ilulisat Glacier.

Outside the Dickey Orphanage in Lhasa Tibet.

Arctic Bay Icebreaker off of Baffin Island.

Petra, Jordan.

Potola Palace pilgrimage


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Myshka said...

Whoah. These are STUNNING!!