Thursday, March 12, 2009

Setting the stage

Once upon a time a couple of the Design Tramps worked at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. A friend from WTF, Willie Reale, wrote a show called A Year with Frog and Toad, inspired by the Frog and Toad children's books written by Arnold Lobel. The show continues to play in regional theatres as frogs remain a creature that fascinate people of all ages.

Back in the Berkshires, the Berkshire Museum is hopping on the frog-wagon with the exhibit "Frogs: a Chorus of Colors," running from June through November. Derek Slayton, Design Tramp and rescuer-of-frogs-from-pool-extraordinaire, is generating materials that will leap* from the page to promote the exhibit.

A Ribbiting Exhibit.

We're looking forward to making the trip to Pittsfield this summer to watch the Tramplettes ooh and ah over what is sure to be a fantastic exhibit.

*To Amanda's chagrin, but in the Museum's best interest, Derek passed on the chance to tweak a Devo song as a way of exciting people about the Frogs: a Chorus of Color exhibit.



Kristy said...

Now I have "Ribbit Good" stuck in my head! You guys have too much fun!

Maybe you should invite your Seattle friend that is obsessed with frogs...

Derek said...

I love Devo!

Myshka said...

Devo rocks. And so do frogs. Well done.