Monday, March 2, 2009

Go West Young People

Ok, so the young part may be a bit of a stretch, but the west part is true. Last month we divided and set out to conquer new frontiers, specifically the slopes of Alta as Derek and Paula (with kids in tow) met with the folks at Alta.

After meetings with the folks on the mountain, Derek also met with another client and friend of Trampoline, John Duncan. The skiing was great, the laughter was robust and the future looks promising.

Further west the Magees traveled first to Seattle, navigating past Pioneer Square and on into the thick of the industrial district and finally to the headquarters of BabyLegs. Finley sat in on the meeting and made the most of her BabyLegs-clad limbs to donkey-kick and flirt her way to making Nicole Donnelly, the bubbly mastermind behind the incredibly successful company, giggle. Talk ranged from packaging creative we'd done and photography to textiles, new directions and, ironically, Alta. Nicole sent us off with fresh BabyLegs and the delicious prospect of a BabyLegs project this spring.

After BabyLegs, a quick trip to a boutique for market research for TrinaBags.

Then it was off to Yakima to meet with the gang at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital and MemFound. We arrived on the rollout day of the second of three programs for Employee Payroll Deduction. Spirits were soaring on the heels of a phenomenal first week. It was thrilling to see everyone so excited.

The participation in the program exceeded expectations and sparked talk of more t-shirts and additional deliverables. Turns out that vendors, patients and hospital higher-ups were also interested in purchasing gear. We were barely off the hospital's campus before we were dreaming up additional creative for the outstanding staff at Memorial and for the people who love the hospital.

Before heading home, the Magee girls made a dazzling appearance on the Capitol Theatre stage and a conversation about a social marketing campaign was sparked. Somewhere between the girls and their baby boomer grandparents, there is an entire audience yet to be reached. We're looking forward to the prospect of setting the stage for the Capitol Theatre to become a place of magic for millennials and gen exers.


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ArtfulAsker57 said...

I like the combination of business and family time. :-) Thanks for sending Anne Caffery my way! ...RA