Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Company Picnic

It's August. Things at 196 Glen have been humming along since Memorial Day. New hires and exits, interns and sunburns. Web sites, retail packaging projects, capital campaigns, identity development and, of course, pro-bono work. It was high time to take a much-needed break, and we had just the place.

The Sacandaga Outdoor Center is located at the confluence of the Sacandaga and Hudson Rivers. Put another way, it's where the Sacandaga meets the Hudson. —But then, one wants to use the word confluence as often as one can. So we'll stick to that description. For rafting, tubing and kayaking, this is the finest spot in the northeast, and while there are several Rafting outfits in the area, SOC is, by far, the best. Trampoline has proudly called owner John Duncan and family a client for three+ years.

Shoving-off into the white waters of the Sacandaga River is a little like being at the crest of a long roller coaster climb. By the time the raft is assaulted by first wave of rapids, everyone is thankful to be soaked—because they've pretty much wet themselves already. It's completely just doesn't feel safe. Or like anything remotely close to safety. Guests are battered by spray, drenched by walls of water, commanded by seasoned guides, spun like a top and narrowly miss dozens of VW-sized boulders.

For some reason, rafters at SOC are smiling, all the way down. Thanks to John and Co. for making this summer's Trampoline picnic a memorable one. We definitely Enjoyed The Ride.

At the shop, Johnny D and Jess Duncan—known on the river as No Fear and Sneak, respectively—reassure Julia and Ben Slayton that they're about to have the time of their lives.

Several minutes later, at the put-in, Julia and Ben are still wary, and Raeanne appears to be having second thoughts, too.

Turns out, they had good reason for concern.

The Magees stayed on dry land with a crew too young to take to the rapids.

It was, ah, less exciting than rafting...

But the scenery was nice, and the Hadley railroad trestle is always picturesque.

It's a special group here at Trampoline.

Creativity: Not well applied to rafting.

Nice earrings.

Briar and Raeanne meet over strawberries.

Thanks to the staff for a great time, and a marvelous third quarter. Go Team Trampoline!

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You didn't mention the colossal inflated animal roof slide!