Friday, August 3, 2007

Why we went into business

The photo and entry below showed up on the Bedlam Farm Blog—the online home of New York Times Bestselling Author, Jon Katz. He's a true creative whose enthusiasm for our business and the services we provide all but matches our own. Thanks for the kind words, Jon.

"Being on a farm isn't just about hay and cows, thankfully. I get to wander off and meet some amazing people. This morning Anthony and I went to Trampoline Design in Glens Falls to discuss various creative matters - his company brochures and advertising campaign, the posters for the Art Harvest at Gardenworks in October. Trampoline is one of my favorite places, a sort of contemporary identify machine, where they design logos (mine on this page), websites, marketing campaigns and other things relating to finding identity and sending classy messages and signals to the world. I love the way the staff all meet, all of them gathered around to toss around and absorb ideas, all encouraged to think for themselves, not to worry about the boss (or the client, either).

The place and the people have a great identity, a creative one, that is infectious. They are now mulling a poster for the art show, rejecting my ideas and pictures, making me go back and take more, barnstorming for better ideas. I doubt they even know how much I love being around people like them. I doubt that they know this, as young people rarely do, but they evoke, for me, a lost time and ethos.

I have to confess to a certain kind of snobbery in that I once thought creative young people like that were all in New York City or Boston or LA or San Francisco, but now, as with so many things I once believe, I see that isn't true. I don't want to leave these meetings, and I hate meetings.

Tramp's cozy second floor offices in the middle of Glens Falls invoke a different time, when creative people were permitted to be creative, and wanted to be. They sure are. Talking to Sean, Amanda, Raeanne, Dylan, Trina and Derek is sort of a trek to a creative oasis, where nice tough people brainstorm in the truest sense of the word. They are great fun, quite refreshing. I trust them greatly, and hope they never get bigger.Can't wait to see what they come up with for the Art Harvest poster, and they sure don't take any stuff from me."

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