Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hitting the streets with a new brand

Homeless shelters evoke strong emotions, largely from their mission and the faces of the people they serve, brand or marketing materials are rarely the first things that come to mind. It is in that void, that the Homeless Youth Coalition saw an opportunity to enhance their services: to create a mechanism to work harder, reach farther, and ultimately, to sustain hope. HYC, a local shelter for troubled and homeless youth of the north country, worked with us to come up with a “non-corporate” identity that would resound with its potential residents, and, in effect, save more lives. Trampoline recently completed a logo for the organization, as well as design and event marketing for their forthcoming “UpstART” artists show.

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good work here. Did you do this? Ah wonderful, excellent, ok right.

get to work!