Monday, December 15, 2008

A Bear of a Client

Just wrapped up a holiday promotion for a client. The fastidiousness of this particular client, from type treatment and color, to message and approach was, in a word, exhausting. We went round after round trying to get it just right.

"No, no, no, too grey, it needs to be warmer."

"Meh, I'm not feeling the graphic."

"We absolutely have to do the custom band."

"Let's do 50."

"Make it a hundred."

"Change 'chump' to 'freeloader' and then it's good."

"I just really prefer 'torrent' to 'barrage' in this case."

I'll be honest, there were moments when I doubted we'd be able to get it out on time, but just before the refs called it, we eked out one last swing. And so, without further ado, the Trampoline Design* holiday promotion.

*Yes, we are our own worst client. Thank goodness this only comes once a year.


Amy said...


Mike said...

Mighty nice Clark. Happy Holidays.

trampoline design said...

Thanks for the photo Mike. Asthma too.

trampoline design said...

Not thanks for the Asthma. You know what I meant.

Kristy said...

My fav still has to be Santa using a Trampoline to get back up the chimney! Congrats on 5 years and Happy Boxing Day!

Derek said...

Wow Kristy- you went old school on us there for a minute.
Happy Holidays!