Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An introduction:

Here at Trampoline, we've been working to reposition The Sagamore from the image of an exclusive, private island resort to that of a place that the average family can enjoy, and feel great about visiting. It's an introduction of sorts. The goal is to have an entirely new audience learn about the 125 year-old destination overlooking Lake George, and fall in love with The Sagamore the way so many generations already have.

To date, Director of Marketing Kevin Rosa and his staff have put together a year of great getaway packages and we've been able to take that message to market in print ads, direct mail pieces, html newsletters, broadcast spots and radio promos. This summer's photo shoot cast the historic hotel in a fun and friendly light, and she's looking as impressive as ever.



Amanda said...

The proof is in the pudding, or, perhaps more appropriately put, the proof is in how well a sleep challenged toddler sleeps in the suites at The Sagamore.

Great campaign, great resort.

Kristy said...

I wanna go!

Myshka said...

HEY! Genius a! So smooth, and with the oh-so subtle bragging. Since when did you get to be so talented?! You should've gone into being a master wood craftsman, from what I can remember (my pig on wheels is still amazing).

I've missed writing, so thanks for the encouragement, dude. xo Bink