Monday, August 25, 2008

Tramp Camp

This year's Trampoline Design company picnic took place in Massachusetts—and was, in fact, a full fledged getaway. While not as wild as last summer's activity, and certainly not as chilly as our January rendezvous, Birchbank proved to be the perfect mix of relaxation and laughter. Trina was kind enough to extend the invitation to her family's treasured cabin on the shores of Lake Quaboag, near Sturbridge.

Quaboag means Red Lake in Chicopee Native American Dialect. The Quabog waters run a little on the red side due to their high iron content.

Kids, feel free to use that bit of trivia when classes start again next week. That one knowledge-packed fact should have Science History and Language teachers convinced that you pose no threat and can be left to doodle in your sketchbook and daydream about one day getting paid to do creative work.

Birchbank from the red-rimmed shores of Quaboag.

Julia, Ben and Ari bait, cast and catch: Calico Bass, Largemouth Bass, Perch, and Sunfish.

Paula and Trina in the kitchen. 10 years of camaraderie.

Derek catches up on his summertime reading.

The Stevens family swings summer into fall.


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Amanda said...

Sorry we missed it, and hey, I'm only a few weeks late in commenting. Ay yai yai.