Thursday, May 1, 2008

Shop5: Now Live.

It's time to simplify your search.

Shop 5 is a free online service that gives you the top 5 sites for products and services in hundreds of categories. Instead of sifting through literally millions of search results, takes you straight to the best.

Their team of editors scours the web for the latest and greatest sites around, and then researches each to make your search easier, faster and far more informative.

With Shop5, the best sites are chosen by people, not robots. Shop 5 doesn't just tell you which sites are the best, they tell you why. And the best part? Users decide what stays in the top 5.The ratings and reviews from people just like you are what make the site so valuable.

Trampoline created a brand identity that was clean, simple and cool enough to support the concept. Raeanne and Trina led the team as stationery, presentations and on-screen layouts were designed leading up to the site's launch date. Australia-based Snepo finished the back-end development and put the site up earlier this week.

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