Monday, May 5, 2008

Just Add Baby. luck would have it, there's a baby to be changed.

The new SaraBear patterns have arrived (not a moment too soon!) and represent Trampoline Design's recent foray into textile design. Can we say fabrication? Or is that a bad clothing pun...Trina, we'll need your ruling. Or, ah, tape measuring. Enough.

The photos below show just a few of the new Classic and Whimsy lines, available in June from the SaraBear Company.

Derek designed the packaging and the Atlantis pattern, with jaunty seahorses shells and bubbles.

Trina created a geometric feel for the Riviera, part of the Classic collection.

Sean paired hummingbirds and flowers on the Oahu.

Diapers, wipes, underwear and awkward nose-sucker bulb sold separately.



Amanda said...

So, what can't you guys do?

Great job, genetically and stylistically ;)

Myshka said...

SUPER cool. I really like the designs, and I'm not even a mummy yet! Though my girlfriends all have little ones, so I'll be recommending! And by the way, I think the title of your last entry, "Little Tramp" is awesome. You should put it on a little baby hat. Though you may get some disapproving stares.. haha. Lots of love, xo Tet