Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Breathtaking Design: Breathgiving Campaign

Our own dynamic duo, Trina and Raeanne, concocted an ad campaign for the American Lung Association. Designed to be kid-friendly, these asthma awareness ads call attention to triggers, symptoms, prevention programs and action plans. After Raeanne developed a campaign brand with a decidedly Seussical bend, Trina took on the copy with the aid of a rhyming dictionary. Rae found kids to match Trina's compositions and designed the ads.

Trina: Poetry. Literally.

Raeanne: For a web designer, you sure know how to work a spot color on newsprint.


Derek said...

This may be my new favorite ad campaign.

Amanda said...

I have chills.
Taller than the hills,
stronger than a lion,
They're head to toe chills,
and you've got me crying.