Monday, August 3, 2009

Rapidly Relaxing

Trampoline Design.

The name is fun, the work is creative, but dang if we don't spend a lot of time with our fingers racing over keyboards and eyes burning at the monitor. Tuckered Tramps. Last Friday we turned the need for a radio spot for Sacandaga Outdoor Center into a chance to unwind.

Just like us to take our day of kicking back to some Class 4 rapids. Amphibious iPhone sleeves in full effect, i's dotted and t's crossed (jobs at the printer, websites live and photo shoots scheduled) we hit the Sacandaga at 2pm.

We were 11 strong and ready to roll, thanks to stormy skies we had the place nearly to ourselves— (Note to anyone: inclement weather should not be a deterrent, the river was perfect, from temperature to temperament!)

The radio spot is in-progress, but the memories and merrymaking are set.

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