Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[Philanthr]operation: O.R.

The Glens Falls Hospital Foundation is charged with raising money each year for the Annual Fund in order to facilitate the purchase of equipment integral to the hospital's continued success. Last year it was decided through a brainstorming session that tapped into the Board of Directors, staff and community opinion, that linking the next several Annual Funds together would allow for a greater sharing of vision along the path to raising the necessary dollars.

A significant portion of the focus was to be on infrastructure and tools used in the Surgical Suite. The idea to open the door and offer an insider glimpse into the people working and the visions being carved for the strongest Glens Falls Hospital was born with the campaign theme, "How We Operate."

Now, with everything on the table, from the need for improved HVAC to the rationale for moving toward a new frontier in surgical capabilities, the foundation has hit the ground running in order to work their magic to keep the hospital running more effectively with each passing year.


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Derek said...

Beautiful job... although I still can't get that Gomez song out of my head.