Thursday, August 13, 2009


It became official less than 48 hours ago, Trampoline has gone iPhone-atic.

Three new iPhones, making it 5 iPhones and 2 Blackberries in the office.

As can be expected the addition of productivity enhancing gadgetry has resulted in a short-term diminishment in productivity.

This came from one newbie moments after the arrival of his iPhone:

SUBJECT: iPhone, Therefore I am.

If you need me at 3am I'll be at the kitchen table....

One of the more seasoned iPhone users in the office recently texted his wife a link to this article. She offers, in her own defense, "I don't bring mine to bed."

"What are you saying? I was using it as an alarm. And nightlight."


Thanks to CyberNetNews for the comic.


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Derek said...

Ah, the iPhone... how do you think I have time to post comments? What once was "unusable" time is now useful time. To quote Sean, it's one one word: "productive".